Adding forms, scripts, or Iframes to a webpage

Adding forms, scripts, or Iframes to a webpage

  1. On the WordPress dashboard, in the menu on the left of the screen, click Pages.
  2. Click the page that you want to add the form, script, or IFrame to.  

    Before you proceed: Look for the Custom Fields section under the page editor (figure 1). If you can’t find the Custom Fields section, at the top right of the screen, click Screen Options, and select the Custom Fields checkbox (figure 2). 
  3. Click Enter New (figure 3).
  4. In the Name field, type a custom field name.

    Note: The custom field name should be a generic name, appended with a number, such as Code1. This will allow you to add future custom fields on other pages (appending each field name with a new digit, such as Code2, Code3, etc.).
  5. In the Value field, paste the code for the form, script, or iFrame you want to add (figure 4).
  6. Click Add Custom Field.
  7. In the page editor field, place your mouse cursor where you want to place the form, script, or iFrame.
  8. Type the custom field name in between two % symbols (for example: %Code1%) (figure 5).
  9. Click Update.
Figure 1.Figure 1.

Figure 2Figure 2.

Figure 3Figure 3.

Figure 4.Figure 4.

Figure 5Figure 5.
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