How do I create playoff brackets?

How do I create playoff brackets?

In League Administration, expand the "Playoffs" menu and click "Brackets."

Select the season that you wish to add playoff brackets to, then click "Create New Series."

Note: If the season is not listed, you must first create a new playoff season before you can being creating playoff brackets. 

Enter a series name and select a series letter from the drop down menu. Games will only appear within the newly created bracket if the series letter you have assigned here matches the game letter. 

If the teams that will be participating in this playoff bracket have been determined at the time of creation, select the teams from the drop down menu. If the teams have not yet been determined, select "TBD" from the menu. If the teams are not listed in this menu, you will need to add this team to the playoff season from the season management tool. 

Select the playoff round from the drop down menu that this bracket should display within. uses this field to determine what area of the template to display this bracket. 

Click the "Update" button to save your bracket. Repeat this process for all subsequent playoff brackets.
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