How do I merge two player IDs?

How do I merge two player IDs?

Occasionally scorekeepers or team administrators will create another database record for a player who has already been added to the database. This presents a problem because the players individual playing stats are now split between two different records. 

To fix this, a league administrator must merge the two player IDs into one record. 

In the League Administration area, from the "Utilities" menu click "Merge Player Stats."  Then enter the unique player ID for each record that you wish to merge. The player IDs can be located in the URL of the public stats player profile page for each player. At this time, it does not matter which order the player IDs are entered. Once both are entered, click "Continue."

The page will load the profiles and individual game roster assignments for both of the players that were entered. Often times one player record will contain more biographical information than the duplicate. 

At the top of the form both player IDs are displayed and offers the option to maintain one ID and remove the other. It's recommended that the older player ID be saved, so that any links to player stats that may have been used will still be functional. The player ID that will be replaced by the merge tool will no longer be functional. 

Select the First Name, Last Name, Position, Jersey Number, Height, Weight, Birthdate, Shoots and Catches options that you wish to maintain. The data that will be saved will be highlighted in green. 

Once you have selected the options you wish to keep, click the "Merge Players" button at the top of the page to complete the operation.
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