Scorekeeper - How do I record a penalty?

Scorekeeper - How do I record a penalty?

From the Penalties tab, under Visiting Team or Home Team, on the first penalty entry line, enter details about the penalty.  Note: If any of the fields below do not appear on your screen, they are not required entries for your league.
  • Period - period when the penalty was assessed
  • No./Player receiving the penalty
  • Offence - select the offence from the drop-down list provided by your league or governing body 
  • Off - time the penalty was called (mm:ss)
  • PP - the number of power play opportunities resulting from the penalty (you can either key a number or use the up/down arrow keys to enter a number)
  • Penalty Shot - click here if the penalty gave the other team a penalty shot
  • Bench - click here for a bench penalty (i.e., when a penalty is assigned to the team rather than a player)
  • Start - time the penalty starts (mm:ss); this is normally the same as the "Off" time
  • On - time the player is supposed to return to the ice (mm:ss).
Click the Publish button to record the new penalties to the game. If you have additional penalties to record, they can be added after the first set has been published. 

Note: If the third penalty for a team begins sooner than you specified in the Start field (e.g., due to a goal), edit the third penalty start time to reflect the time of the goal.
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