Scorekeeper - Scoring Shootouts

Scorekeeper - Scoring Shootouts

In the event of a tied game, a scorekeeper can begin the process of scoring a shootout from the Scoring tab. 
Under the Shootout section, click one of the [1 Round], [3 Rounds], or [5 rounds] links to add the appropriate number of shootout entries to the game. Then indicate the team who will be taking the first shot at the top of the form. 

For each shootout entry, enter the following:
  • Shooter - the player taking the shootout shot
  • Goalie - the goalie defending the shootout shot (this is usually auto-populated)
  • Shot status
    Score - the player scored on the shot
    Save - the goalie successfully defended the shot
    None - the shot data was provided to off-ice officials, but the shot was not required. 
After each shot, click the publish button to save the shot details.    
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