Set up a splash screen for your website

Set up a splash screen for your website

The splash screen is an optional screen that appears immediately when visitors browse to your website, before the home page appears. You can use a splash screen to promote special events, ticket sales, or for other short-term promotional needs.
  1. On the WordPress dashboard, in the menu on the left of the screen, hover your mouse cursor on Appearance.
  2. Click Customize.
  3. On the left side of the screen, click HockeyTech – Home Page Splash.
  4. Change the Enable Splash drop-down list to Yes.
  5. Under Image, click Select Image (figure 1).
  6. Do one of the following:
    • To use an image that you already added to WordPress, in the Media Library tab, click an image.
    • To add a new image, in the Upload Files tab, click Select Files. Select the image you want to upload, and click Open.
  7. Click Choose Image.
  8. If necessary, change any of the following options and settings:
    • To adjust the size of the splash screen (in percentage of total screen width), type a percentage in the Splash Width field.
    • To add an action button for visitors to click (for example, Buy Tickets), type the text for the action button in the Action Button Text field. Then, type the web page address for the action button in the Action Button URL field (figure 2).
    • Change any other options or settings.
  9. Click Save & Publish.
Figure 1
Figure 1.

Figure 2
Figure 2.
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