Using Huge IT Forms

Using Huge IT Forms

Using Huge IT Forms:
  • In the dashboard, hover over the Huge IT Forms on the bottom left and select “General Options”.

  • Please update the settings on this page to reflect your desired setup.  It is important to change the Administrator Email to whatever email(s) these submissions should sent to. Multiple emails can be entered by separating them with a comma.
  • Change the Message Subject to be blank. This will set the subject of the email as the title of the Form submitted.
  • Please uncheck the “Send Email to User” box.

  • Once completed, press Save in the top right and go to the Huge IT Forms on the left hand menu.
  • This page will display all created forms, including some preset forms. 

  • Select “Add New Form” at the top.
  • Edit the title of the form.

  • Add new fields to the form by hovering over the “Add Form Fields” button and selecting a field.
  • Selecting a field will automatically add a field to the top of your form, which can then be dragged and dropped to the desired location on the form.

  • By clicking on one of the fields, it can be edited in the edit section that pops up on the left hand side next to the form.

  • Once the form is setup, select “Save Form” button in the top left, then select the “Get Shortcode” button.

  • Copy the “Shortcode”.  This code can be pasted into a page on the site, and will display for users to fill out and submit.  
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