Video: Next Gen Scorekeeper – Goalie Change

Video: Next Gen Scorekeeper – Goalie Change

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      The Next Generation Scorekeeper tool is now available to clients.  For a detailed walk through of the features, also usable a a printable quick reference guide, please see the attached document.   
    • Scorekeeper - Scoring Goalie Changes

      From the Scoring tab, locate the goalie entry for the goalie who is leaving the ice. Under Goalkeeper Saves, in the Off field, specify when the previous goalie was pulled: In the drop-down field, specify in which period the goalie was pulled. Enter ...
    • Scorekeeper - Goalie Saves

      If your league tracks shot location, goalie saves are calculated automatically. If your league does not track shot location, follow the below steps to record goalie saves.  From the Scoring tab, first confirm that both goalies are properly added to ...
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