How do I add a new penalty option?

How do I add a new penalty option? allows League Administrators to fully customize the penalty options that are available to scorekeepers. 

From the League Administration area, expand the "League Configuration" menu and click "Rulebook." Then, from the top of the page, click "Add New Penalties."

Enter the following fields, please note that not all fields will be available in all database configurations. To add these options, please contact HockeyTech support. 
  • Active - only active penalty options are made available to scorekeepers. If a penalty is being removed from the rulebook, it should be deactivated. will not allow league administrators to delete a penalty that has already been used in a game scored in the database. 
  • Description - the text that's displayed to the scorekeeper and to the public on game summary, game reports and text game reports. 

    Note: If multiple languages are enabled in your configuration, a textbox will be displayed for each enabled language.
  • Minutes - the number of minutes a player is credited for each penalty in decimal form. 

    2 minutes = 2.00
    1:30 minutes = 1.5
    10 minutes = 10.00
    3:15 minutes = 3.25
  • Class - supports the following penalty classes:  Minor, Double Minor, Major, Match and Misconduct. 
  • Rule Number - the rule number in your rulebook that this penalty applies to. 
  • Applies To - If multiple leagues are enabled in your database, you may have the option to specify penalties by league. The default option for new penalties is that they are available globally throughout all leagues in this database. 
  • Report Categories - Some reports available in the league administration area allow league administrators to select specific penalties that display within these reports. If there are reports available within your database, they will be listed within this section. If you would like the newly created penalty to be reported on these reports please select the checkbox to the left of each report. 
Click "Submit" to save the new penalty.
League Administration
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