Installation Requirements: HockeyTech ViPr System

Installation Requirements: HockeyTech ViPr System

Installation Requirements: HockeyTech ViPr System
Camera Location Requirements:
  • Camera Location should be as close to center ice as possible, with an allowable variance of 10ft in either direction
  • The camera should be at least 30 feet from the near boards
  • Height of camera should be between 100-150% of the distance
  • Camera needs to be hung on a wall, pole or beam and must be clamped in place.
  • Camera mount examples are provided below (images)
VPU Location Requirements:
  • The VPU needs to have access to a hard line internet connection of at least 15mbps up/down
  • The VPU needs to have access to a standard 120v mains power outlet in a climate controlled area
Cable Run Requirements:
  • Cable run should be less than 300 feet between camera and VPU
Installation Diagram

Installation Example Images

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